Light weight easy wheel for Brompton

CONVERTIBLE (both sides can be used)

[nov design]

This is a new "nov wheel CONVERTIBLE "  for Brompton folding bike.

nov wheel CONVERTIBLE can be used inside out. so you can use both sides as a different design.


It is made by nov design. They are the specialist on CNC process.


It belongs to novdesign's [Dressup] line. But basically, novdesign chase always light weight. No doubt on the weight.


13 kinds of nov wheel with different price are available.

( Silver / Black / Gold / Antique (RawLacquer) / Titanium / Titanium Matt / Union Jack-Titanium / Union Jack-Silver/ Union Jack-Black Union Jack-Antique Hunminjeongeum-Black / Stars and Stripes-Black / Maple Leaf-Black )


For R-type Brompton is needed 2 sets of nov wheel

For L-type Brompton, needed 2 sets of nov wheel with the nov wheel mount for L-type.


From nov wheel CONVERTIBLE version, don't need nov wheel bolt for R-Type. You can use original bolt and nut to install nov wheel CONVERTIBLE for your R-type Brompton.


If you already have nov wheels previous version from CONVERTIBLE version, then you will need this nov wheel bolt for R-type.

And depends on your Brompton version, you need to choose a suitable one from below two items.

- [nov 171] nov wheel bolt for R-Type (M6) (ONLY for 2016 Brompton)
- [nov 009] nov wheel bolt for R-Type (M5) (ONLY for previous Brompton)

For R-type Brompton is needed 2sets of nov wheel CONVERTIBLE.

or nov wheel previous version and " [nov 171] or [nov 009] nov wheel bolt for R-Type" as extra.

< Features>

      novdesign's [Dressup] line  


      The thickness of nov wheel : 9.6mm

          Color : you can choose from 13 colors
                         Titanium Matt
                         Union Jack (Silver)
                         Union Jack (Black)
 Union Jack (Antique)
                         Union Jack (Titanium)
                         Hunminjeongeum (Black)
                         Stars and Stripes (Black)
                         Maple Leaf (Black)


               [nov 165] Silver : Aluminum + Stainless steel bolt

                         [nov 345] Black : Aluminum + Stainless steel bolt
                         [nov 167] Gold : Aluminum + Stainless steel bolt  
                         [nov 347] Antique : Aluminum + Stainless steel bolt    
                         [nov 178] Titanium : Titanium + Stainless steel bolt
                         [nov 179] Titanium Matt : Titanium + Stainless steel bolt
                         [nov 242] Union Jack (Silver) : Aluminum + Stainless steel bolt
                         [nov 243] Union Jack (Black) : Aluminum + Stainless steel bolt
                         [nov 348] Union Jack (Antique) : Aluminum + Stainless steel bolt
                         [nov 244] Union Jack (Titanium) : Titanium + Stainless steel bolt
                         [nov 304] Hunminjeongeum (Black) : Aluminum + Stainless steel bolt
                         [nov 305] Stars and Stripes (Black) : Aluminum + Stainless steel bolt
                         [nov 308] Maple Leaf (Black) : Aluminum + Stainless steel bolt


               [nov 165] Silver : abt 80g

                          [nov 338] Black : abt 80g
                          [nov 167] Gold : abt 82g
                          [nov 168] Antique : abt 82g         
                          [nov 178] Titanium : abt 98g
                          [nov 179] Titanium Matt : abt 98g
                          [nov 242] Union Jack (Silver) : abt 90g
                          [nov 243] Union Jack (Black) : abt 80g
                          [nov 244] Union Jack (Titanium) : abt 98g
                          [nov 304] Hunminjeongeum (Black) : abt 80g
                          [nov 305] Stars and Stripes (Black) : abt 80g
                          [nov 308] Maple Leaf (Black) : abt 80g

<One Set Included>

              - 2pcs of nov wheel

              - 2pcs of stainless steel or titanium bolt only for nov wheel

              - 2pcs of washer only for nov wheel



Most of the products in novdesign are light weight line, that means it's more light but can be damaged easily. 

Usually, a product for the light weight has to be treated well.

And really prohibit over torque for the light weight product. 

So don't screw it too much at all!

For more information, feel free to contact us anytime, please.