nov chain tensioner full set series


The nov chain tensioner full set series includes the nov Bearing Pulleys PRO ver.2.0.

Please check the "nov" log shape on the product. 

Be careful with the imitation product. 

It is designed by novdesign, and made by novdesign in Korea. 

They are specialists for Brompton custom parts production with the CNC process.

It belongs to novdesign's [Dressup] line. But basically, novdesign chase is always lightweight. No doubt about the weight.

☑️ Description

  • Material : Metal
  • Color : 6 colors available

         ( Silver / Black / Gold / CHPT3 / MG Black / PRO Black )

  • Weight : CHPT3- abt. 108g


☑️ Set Included

  • 1 set of nov chain tensioner full set (with nov Bearing Pulley PRO)




🚨 Notice 🚨


Most of the products in novdesign are lightweight line, which means it's more light but can be damaged easily. 

Usually, a product for the lightweight has to be treated well.

And really prohibit over-torque for the lightweight product. 

So don't screw it too much at all!




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