nov P-line Front and Rear wheel quick-release lever


It's for "P-line".

It is designed by novdesign, and made by novdesign in Korea. 

They are specialists for Brompton custom parts production with the CNC process.

It belongs to novdesign's [Dressup] line. But basically, novdesign chase is always lightweight. No doubt about the weight.



☑️ Description:

  • Material : Titanium / Carbon / Aluminum
  • Color : 2 colors available
                    ( Silver / Black )
  • Weight : 39g


☑️ Set Included

  • 1 pcs of the Front wheel QR lever
  • 1 pcs of the Rear wheel QR lever





🚨 Notice 🚨


Most of the products in novdesign are lightweight line, which means it's more light but can be damaged easily. 

Usually, a product for the lightweight has to be treated well.

And really prohibit over-torque for the lightweight product. 

So don't screw it too much at all!




For more information, feel free to contact us anytime, please.