nov Clamp P / Silver


nov Clamp P is heavier than nov easy shell clamps series, but nov Clamp P series is stronger !

It's suitable for "P-line". 

Strongly suggest that you use with nov Clamp Lever P series. 

All nov Clamp series is based on an "easy shell system".

"easy shell system" surely makes you comfortable Brompton life during folding and unfolding your Brompton.

The magnet inside it helps nov clamp keep the perfect position at your Brompton body in any condition.

The spring inside pushes nov clamp plate out, making it quick and easy during your folding and unfolding of your Brompton.

Lots of copy products on "nov easy shell clamp" out there, be aware of imitations, please. 

It is designed by novdesign, and made by novdesign in Korea. 

They are specialists for Brompton custom parts production with the CNC process.

It belongs to novdesign's [Dressup] line. But basically, novdesign chase is always lightweight. No doubt about the weight.



☑️ Description:

( Silver / Black )


☑️ Set Included




🚨 Notice 🚨


Most of the products in novdesign are lightweight line, which means it's more light but can be damaged easily. 

Usually, a product for the lightweight has to be treated well.

And really prohibit over-torque for the lightweight product. 

So don't screw it too much at all!




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