nov Easy Shell Clamps [Light weight] / BLACK MATT

light weight Clamps for Brompton

[nov design] /[nov319]

This is a "nov Easy Shell Clamps [Light Weight] version".  It's Black Matt lighter weight Clamps than other normal series.

5 colors are available. But it's not nov light weight line, just nov dress up line.

LIGHT weight line in Black Matt [nov319] are available.

Black Matt [nov319] : only to for S Type (s-bar).

Strongly recommend you to use with nov Hinge Clamps Lever series.

Really bring you more comfortable to use your Brompton~

It is made by nov design in Korea. They are a specialist for Brompton parts production with CNC process.

5 colors with different price are available.

    - [nov 013]  Silver

    - [nov 014]  Black

    - [nov 015]  Gold

    - [nov 016]  Antique

    - [nov 319]  Black Matt (Light Weight) : only to for S Type (s-bar)


< Features>

      novdesign's [Dressup] line  


      - Material : Aluminium

     - Weight :

     - Color : you can choose from 5 color

<One Set Included>

     - 2 ea of nov Easy Shell Clamps

    - 2 ea of spring, only for nov Easy Shell Clamps


Most of the products in novdesign are light weight line, that means it's more light but can be damaged easily. 

Usually, a product for the light weight has to be treated well.

And really prohibit over torque for the light weight product. 

So don't screw it too much at all!